Hi Friends, do you also want to create your own Free Website or Blog? But do not know how to make it free, you are in the right place. I am going to tell you today how can you create your own free website or blog in this post "How to create website or Blog for free in Hindi?" Let me tell you that it is as easy as making a Facebook or Gmail Id.

 In today's modern era, where everything is online, it is very important that we too should not be behind it. If you are a student then you will easily understand how the time has changed, and where everything was offline, today the whole thing is online right now whether you are applying for a job or for a scholarship. How can we all be left behind, can not I create my own website or blog? 
You will be surprised to know that where you will be able to share your thoughts with the whole world, there is also the possibility of earning money from it.
 Let me tell you that there are many people in India who are earning millions of rupees through their website and blog. Is not it fun?

The biggest thing is that creating a website or blog is neither complex nor expensive. Just need some time that you can easily remove if you really want to create your own blog.

How to Create Free WEBSITE or BLOG?

Although there are so many options to create a free blog, you have the most popular and easy to use in all of these blogs (Blogspot) which is a Google official and it is absolutely free service like its other apps. Now I think that you also want to take advantage of this free service. Now the question is why create your website or blog?

Why Should You Create Website or Blog for Free

There are many answers to this, depending on what you want.

For Entertainment
Yes, if you want to entertain people with a post (Story, Jokes, Tricks, Information, News etc) written by you, then in reality you can create a blog or website and entertain the whole world. In you also your own This will not only bring your art to the whole world but will also give you a unique and unique identity in the world of Internet.

For Promoting Your Business
If you have a business that you want to reach a lot of people, then creating a blog or website will be very beneficial. Not only can you tell a lot of people about your business, but you can also join them and take your business to new heights.

To Make Money Online
The biggest feature of a blog or website is that we can make money from it. Now you must be wondering how? Do not Worry I will also tell about it but before that it is necessary that you have a blog or a website and read many readers to read it. Now think how the newspapers or televisions earn money. The direct answer is by showing or giving an advertisement. Here is what it means to show you ads on your blog, which is given by your Google Adsense and in return you get paid. Is not it fun?

Now you will be very curious to know how to make your website or blog, then let's know the Step by Step way to create a website or blog.

How to Create Website of Blog for free 

# 1 Sign Up on Blogger.Com

First, click on Blogger and log in with your Google Account (Gmail Id). If you do not have a Gmail account you can make it for free, click here to create. You will be asked first whether you want to have a Blogger Profile or Google+ Profile. I would suggest you create a Google+ Profile Although it does not matter, one of the two can choose according to their own wishes. Then click on New Blog.

# 2 Name the name of your website or blog and select the domain

The name of the blog You can keep anything according to your wishes, which reflects your blog right. As the name of our blog is "My AD Technical", it has been made for EnglishTechnical or Tricks in English.
 Now there is a second name for you to select Domain Name. Your domain name, like our Domain Name
"MyADTechnical.in", can be selected on the same page but there you will find a Sub Domain ie your Domain {yourblogname}. blospot.com}. But if you want to set it to Custom Domain {www.yourblogname.com} then you can do it easily later, but for that you have to pay some money to the Domain Provider, which you will have to pay every year. I'll publish a post soon after I buy the domain and set it up in my website.

# 3 Choose template 

After this you have to choose a template, meaning that you can do your blog by selecting the template. For this, some templates are available in Blogger, apart from that you can download any other website that offers good templates in free and upload them to your blog. Even after this you can make many changes in it so that your blog looks attractive. Because First Impression is Last Impression But do not get it so serious, you can also change it later.
 After selecting the template, click on "Create the Blog" and your blog is ready. A post related to the template will soon be published on "MyADTechnical.In".

# 4 Your First Post

After the blog is created, you will be the first to be on its Dashboard. From here you can go to Settings and make any other changes you need. After this you will be ready to write your first post. Then you have to click Post> New Post. And now you can write your post. After typing it, click Publish.
But before that I would advise you to make some pages before publishing your post. Such as "About us", "Contact Us" etc. By doing this, readers of your blog will be able to know about you and contact you if necessary.

Click to create Page Page> New Page It will be exactly the same as writing posts. Details about details about 🙂 in the next post

# 5 Start earning money

Now if you have become your website or blog and there are so many readers to read it, you can definitely make money. For this, you have to go to Settings> Earnings and there you will need to sign up for Google Adsence.
 However, before you do this, keep in mind that there are so many readers to read your blog and publish your written content, only then your Google Adsence Account will be approve.
But even after doing all this, if your Google Adsence account has not been approved then do not worry there are other ways to earn from the blog, which I will keep you in your next post. Just stay connected with us

                                  Now your website or blog is ready and you can post it according to your mind.


                                       Keep Shareing

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