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The missile to kill MH 17 aircraft was Russia- Investigator, Russia held Ukraine responsible
  The Ministry blamed Ukraine for the tragedy, saying that he had given evidence that "it is revealed that the Ukrainian units used BUK missiles (made in Soviet Russia)."

Russia has dismissed the investigation after disclosing that the plane of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 falling on the side of a brigade of the Missile Russian Army, which killed the plane of international investigators investigating the plane.Russia said that no such weapon ever crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border and attributed Ukraine to the accident. According to the reports of local news agencies, the Russian Ministry of Defense said in a statement: "A single anti-aircraft missile system of the Russian Federation has never crossed the Russia-Ukraine border."The Ministry blamed Ukraine for the accident saying that he had provided evidence that "Ukrainian units (used in Soviet Russia) used BUK missiles".Earlier in the day, the Netherlands-led joint investigation team had said that the missile targeting the aircraft in the eastern Ukraine airspace was tainted by the Russian military brigade. All 298 passengers aboard the plane were killed in the accident.Top investigator Wilbert Poulison said the joint investigation team reached the conclusion that the missile missile MH17 was tarnished from Russia's 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade in Kursk. He told the reporters that the 53rd Brigade is part of the Russian military force.

News No2

Canada: explosion in Indian restaurant in Toronto; 15 wounded, 3 position critical

A police official said that a bomb exploded in the Bombay Bhel restaurant located in a plaza. 15 people were injured in this blast. 

There is an explosion in an Indian restaurant in Canada. At least 15 people were injured in a bomb blast in the Bombay Bhel restaurant in the suburbs of the city of Mississauga in the city of Toronto. Three of the injured have remained critical. A police official said that at around 10:30 in the evening at the local time a bomb exploded in a restaurant in a plaza. After which we arrived. The Plaza has been closed. We are investigating. Searching in the surrounding areas is being searched.External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said that after the incident of an explosion in an Indian restaurant in Ontario's Canadian province, the Indian Embassy is constantly monitoring it. He tweeted, "The Indian restaurant 'Bombay Bhel' exploded in Mississauga, Canada, Ontario. I am constantly in touch with my Consul General in Toronto and the Indian High Commissioner in Canada. Our Embassy will work there for 24 hours. The emergency number is: + 1-647-668-4108 ''Looking for suspiciousCampaign for the search of two suspects has been started, who exploded at the Bombay Bhel restaurant and fled after the explosion. According to the police, it is being said that a suspect is tall and wide in appearance and is between 20 and 28 years old.

It is believed that he was wearing dark blue jeans and covered the head with hoodie and baseball cap while the face was covered with black cloth. The second suspect is a thin-lean white man, who had wearing light blue jeans and gray color t-shirt. He covered his head with a dark hood and kept wearing dark skate boots.

Another officer said that 15 people have been admitted to the hospital. Of which three have remained critical. He has been admitted to the Trama Center in Toronto. A spokeswoman of 'Peel Regional Paramedic Services' told Global News that the restaurant's building is finding it very well, but there the mirrors were found broken. The reasons for the explosion are yet to be ascertained.